Build Up, Blast Down!



Building and Blasting Fun!



Fantastically Fun Forts


Long Lasting Fun

These uniquely creative toys stay fun, day after day. Kids play with our building sets for years! So sit back and relax while your kids continually discover new, imaginative ways to create their own screen-free fun.




Creative Destruction

With Blaster Blocks, kids love building imaginary scenes filled with things like castles, spaceships, and giant robots ... and then blast them apart! Tons of bonus games and challenges keeps them building and blasting all day long.


Build up, Blast Down

Vent all that extra energy by smashing something! So fun, you'll want to do it over and over again.




Endless Imagination

Kids love building forts! With Fort Boards, it's as easy as Lego, so day after day, your kids will continue to play.



While the parts all nest together for compact storage, you'll first have to pry your kids out of their forts. Good luck. Finally there's a screen-free STEM activity that children want to do!




Amazing Nerf Bunkers

Whether preparing for an intense Nerf battle, or just building a fort in their room, Blaster Boards will keep your kids creatively engaged.


For Builders and Blasters

If your kids like Nerf or Lego, they'll love Blaster Boards. Imaginations run wild with these open-ended building kits!

Customer Reviews

We LOVE them!!! My boys are 7 and 9 and we have had so much fun putting them together. And honestly, I have had as much fun as the boys!!
— Brittany Hoskinson
For something to be so simple it offers so much fun and creativity. It's refreshing for the kids to have something to play with where they use their imagination and the item is simple. The days of old of kicking cans, skipping rocks, playing marbles, tops and slinky's , kids had a great time. These foam blocks remind me of kids playing like that again.
— Lisa J.
My kids are in love. I purchased a box for them and for their cousins. They’ve lead to endless creative ideas and I loved watching the older kids build stuff for the younger kids to play in. My oldest is 11 and the youngest cousin is 3 and they all were having a great time with this imaginative toy.
— C. Ramsdale
Great building fort option for older kids. My kids 11 and 7 have put there iPads down to build and play nerf wars. All the kids in the neighborhood and family want to come over to play nerf wars. Very easy to put together, steady and a wonderful company to support.
— A.C.
I have two different configurations of this kit now, and my boys love both of them. They use it for all kinds of creative play outside of darts, and occasionally with darts. I'd say 5% of their play involves the dart guns, and the other 95% is other building and role playing and creativity. It's a great toy, and keeps their eyes off the tablets for a little bit every day. I've also found that were they've already given up on other holiday toys, these are still getting daily play time.
— S. P.
We started with the grey pack for my 5 year old nephew and added the turquoise pack when my 12 year old niece asked for her own set! They've played countless hours with them, traveled with them, and they store so easily! So impressed with the endless possibilities, these kids haven't lost interest even after a year of having them! Thank you!
— Rachael Warner
My sons received these for Christmas this year and they were immediately building forts and walls. They both have found many creative uses and find these so easy to assemble. The boys love the targets on them but mostly love the flexibility of being able to configure them in whatever kind of structure they want. We'll definitely be adding more to our collection soon. I love that they store in very minimal space, they're easy to disassemble and pack away when not in use. It's a great toy!
— RavenMaiden
We bought these for our son for his 7th birthday. We’d been looking for a fort building set for years that he could do himself, as well as something that could be compact when not in use. He loves them so much he’s asked for more for his birthday this year so he can build bigger things. He’s very imaginative and uses his creations for creative play. Best of all, when he’s done, they stow easily back in the box and can be put tidily away. Highly recommend! His play dates have liked them too!
— L. Gillespie

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