About Us

See the unique reason why we only make open-ended toys that are designed to keep your kids engaged, month after month.


Hello from Boldly Played!

Our goal at Boldly Played is to provide kids with an everlasting source of creative, screen-free fun. We don’t want to add more disposable stuff to the world, so we strive to create toys that will be continually used throughout a kid’s childhood. The endless, open-ended fun of our toys keep kids coming back to them, year after year.


About the Founder

Hi, I'm August! I grew up out in the countryside in Oregon, where I built tree forts, snow forts, blanket forts, and even dirt forts (picture a big hole in the ground). Projectiles were another passion: throwing rocks, shooting slingshots, flying paper airplanes,
and blasting potato cannons.

Whether I was building or destroying, I always loved creating an imaginary story in my head, narrating the adventure I was on. I feel like that imaginative play I had as a child, helped foster the creativity I have today as an adult.


Today's kids don’t have the same “just be back before dinner time” type of independence that we had while growing up. That same sense of creating and exploring your own world, however, can still be had through imaginative play.

That’s why I designed Fort Boards, Blaster Boards, & Blaster Blocks, where kids can build their own imaginary worlds and adventures.

Happy Building & Adventuring!