Nerf Games

Fun Nerf games to make your party a blast!

Nerf Games Overview

The Nerf games are what the kids are really going to remember about your party. We'll go over the standard games, as well as new Nerf games that your kids will love! Scroll down or jump to any of the following games:


Capture The Flag

This is the most common Nerf war game, and what kids will probably be expecting to play.

Game Overview: Divide the kids into two teams and give them both a flag. The first team to capture the other team's flag, wins!


Setup: Capture The Flag

You'll need 3 things: Flags, jails, & barricades.

Flags (Qty. 2): Anything can act as the flags. Pieces of fabric, balls ... anything a kid can hold with one hand.

Jails (Qty. 2): You'll need something to symbolize where the jail is on for both sides. A hula hoop, a chair, string laid out on the ground ... anything.

Barricades (Qty. 4 or more): Kids need something large to hide behind. Large appliance boxes, card tables turned on their side, or anything large enough to hide behind can work. Our product, Blaster Boards, easily builds barricades for Nerf wars. Blaster Boards often becomes a really fun part of the game: each side gets 15 minutes to build whatever barricades they want, before the Nerf game starts. Here are some barricade build directions.


Rules: Capture The Flag

Both teams are given a flag, which is placed on their side of the field. The goal is to defend their own flag while also attempting to steal the enemy's flag.

If a kid is hit with a dart, they have to go to their jail for 10 seconds before rejoining the fight. If a kid is hit with a dart while carrying the enemy's flag, the flag is dropped in that spot. The first team to bring their enemy's flag back to their home base (the furthest back barricade), wins!


Wild West Blasting Gallery

Just like a shooting gallery at a carnival, kids can fire at different targets (like barrels, lanterns, rattlesnakes ... etc) to see who can get the highest score.

You can make your own blasting gallery game, or alternatively, every pack of Blaster Blocks comes with this game. You can download the directions below. Pro-tip: the Spaceship pack of Blaster Blocks has the largest Wild West targets.


Kubb (Viking Bowling)

This old Viking game is traditionally played with sticks and wood blocks, but it's really fun with Nerf guns and Blaster Blocks! Each team is trying to shoot down the other team's blocks. Once they're all knocked down, whoever blasts the king block first, wins!

Any pack of Blaster Blocks can build this game, but if you want to play with more than 4 kids at a time, we recommend getting the Castle pack. Download the directions below.


Field Goal

Nerf parties (or parties in general) can be a bit overwhelming for some, so this single player game is perfect for the introvert of the group!

Part skill, part luck, this game is a fun way for kids to hone their Nerf aim. Best of all, you don't need to do anything; building the field goal will be part of the fun for them! Just buy any pack of Blaster Blocks, and print out the directions below.



This two-player Blaster Blocks game is excellent for a Nerf playdate. Each kid builds and strategically positions their fleet, and then blasts at their opponents fleet.

When blasted apart, each ship triggers a different action, so make sure to download the directions below.