Blaster Boards - 2 Pack

$99.00 $120.00

MOST POPULAR: Your child can build all kinds of forts like houses, castle towers, or even a car! They’ll put down the iPad & video games for this!

With these Lego-like building blocks, kids spend endless hours building bunkers and targets for their Nerf play. Kids (6 & up) can build practically any structure they can imagine; it’s the best creative toy for the Nerf obsessed child in your family!

While Blaster Boards builds bunkers more than five feet tall, all the parts stack down to the size of a couple of shoe boxes, for easy transportation or storage. Inside or outside, this open-ended toy can handle even the most intense Nerf wars! 

If your kids like Lego and Nerf, they’ll love Blaster Boards!

PACK CONTENTS: 44 Boards (8 inches x 8 inches), 4 Reactive Targets, & 44 Connectors.