Blaster Boards - 4 Pack

$189.00 $225.00

MONTHS OF PLAY: Great for siblings or a future engineer, your kids will never stop building. Their creativity can run wild.

With these Lego-like building blocks, kids spend endless hours building bunkers and targets for their Nerf play. Kids (6 & up) can build practically any structure they can imagine; it’s the best creative toy for the Nerf obsessed child in your family!

While Blaster Boards builds bunkers over 6 feet tall, all the parts stack down to a shoe box size, for easy transportation or storage. Inside or outside, this open-ended toy can handle even the most intense Nerf wars! 

If your kids like Lego and Nerf, they’ll love Blaster Boards!

PACK CONENTS: 88 Boards (8 inches x 8 inches), 8 Reactive Targets, & 88 Connectors.