Nerf Party Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Planning Nerf Birthday Parties

Plan The Perfect Nerf Gun Party

Easily organize the ultimate Nerf party for your child's birthday with this comprehensive guide! Covering everything from the basics, to the extra creative touches, this guide will make sure your party is total hit! Planning a Nerf-themed birthday party has never been easier!

Scroll down to start planning your child's epic celebration, or you can jump to any of the following topics:

Nerf Party Basics, Games, Decorations, Snacks & Drinks, Desserts, Gifts, & Invites.

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Hi, I'm August!

I design Nerf-related toys for a living and during my career, I’ve had the privilege of hosting numerous Nerf parties. Having witnessed firsthand what makes an incredible Nerf party, I’d love to share my knowledge to help you host an unforgettable event!


Nerf Party Basics

A Nerf party (also known as a Nerf war or Nerf gun party) is where kids get together with their Nerf blasters and play Nerf games.

So what basics do you need in order to host a Nerf party? Nerf guns and extra Nerf ammo for the kids, and then Nerf games for them to play. That’s it!


Extra Nerf Guns

It’s a good idea have a few spare Nerf blasters for your party, in case any of your kids’ friends don’t have one or forgot to bring theirs. We recommend this blaster which is a good party nerf gun that won’t make any kid feel left out. Does that blaster tend to jam a lot? Yup! Is that your problem? Nope! If you do want to spend more, this is a good extra blaster to have on hand.

Extra Nerf Ammo & Safety Glasses

Before you buy these items, know that you can buy gift bags packs on Amazon that come with extra darts and safety glasses (we’ll list these in the gift bag section).

Ammo: Kids may or may not bring their own ammo to a Nerf party, so it’s best to supply some. There are many different kinds of Nerf ammo, but you only need to supply one kind: foam darts. 6-12 darts per kid is usually sufficient. Off-brand darts are fine for a Nerf gun birthday party; here are three popular offerings: 100 darts, 200 darts, or 300 darts.

You should also supply your guests with safety glasses; it’s all fun and Nerf games until someone gets a foam dart to the eye. Safety note: off-brand darts have solid rubber tips which can do a lot more damage to an eyeball. Official Nerf darts, on the other hand, have pretty clever air-filled tips that are much softer (and therefore safer). Consider getting these if you don’t want to have all of the parents also wearing adult safety glasses when they’re near the Nerf battle action. Here’s Nerf’s most economical pack of darts with those safer tips.


Nerf Games

There are lots of different Nerf games that will ensure that your party is a blast (pun intended)! This is what your party is all about, so we created a dedicated Nerf games page for you to see all of the games that are perfect for Nerf parties. Easy to setup and super fun to play; keep your party endlessly engaged with these games!


Nerf Party Decorations

Want to dress up your Nerf party? We’ve compiled a lot of Nerf themed decorations, so that your party can be an unforgettable immersive experience!

In general, most people associate the blue/orange color combination with Nerf, so either of those two colors will feel on theme. Another color combination associated with Nerf is gray contrasted with a vibrant color like yellow, orange, or red.

Here are some party supplies to liven up your Nerf party!


Standard Decorations

Here are links to get the following: Nerf Streamers, Nerf Plates, Nerf Cups, Nerf Utensils, Nerf Napkins, Nerf Table cloth, Nerf Balloons, Nerf Banner.

There are also some great bundle packs on Amazon here and here.

Getting Creative!

Want to make your Nerf party REALLY stand out? Get a custom printed Nerf sign for your party: here's 1 & 2 that we like. If you’re going for extra credit points and want to add the Nerf darts to your sign (to make it look like it's been shot by a bunch of darts), here’s some earthquake putty (to make the darts stick on).


Nerf Party Snacks & Drinks

Nerf birthday parties are high energy, so give the kids some sustenance to keep them from crashing! Here are some themed food & drinks for your Nerf party.

SAVORY SNACKS: Here are some great savory snacks you can serve. We’ve included how they fit into the theme (in parentheses) in case you want to label each snack:

Cheese balls (cheese bombs), baby carrots (darts), Nacho Cheese Doritos (battle chips), orange round slices (targets), blueberry & orange slice skewers (spears).

SWEET SNACKS: And now for the sweet snacks!

Pixie sticks (blast powder), blue/orange M&Ms (ammo), orange starbursts (throwing stars), orange gummi slices (grenade fragments), blue laffy taffy (explosive putty), blue Swedish fish (bait).

DRINKS: They're gonna get thirsty; here are some drinks to have available.

Orange Gatorade & Cool Blue Gatorade (battle juice).


Nerf Party Desserts

The focal point of any birthday party is the dessert! Make it special (and Nerf themed) with the below dessert options.

Nerf Cake!

Want to make your own Nerf cake? You can do this the easiest, easy-ish, & hard way to do the cake, depending on your levels of skill and free time.

Easiest: get a white sheet cake and decorate with orange and blue icing, and Nerf themed sprinkles.

Easy-ish: Order the same sheet cake (as above), and put an edible image on top.

Hardest: The most creative way to make a Nerf cake with fondant. Here are some very creative fondant covered Nerf cake examples. 

And finally, here are some Nerf birthday candles to go with it.

Other Nerf Desserts

Here are some other great Nerf themed desserts!

Nerf Cupcakes: Get orange & blue icing, and these toppers.

Nerf Ice Cream: Orange sherbet and/or cookie monster ice cream.


Nerf Gifts

Make sure your gift is a hit! Whether it's a Nerf related gift for your child or someone else's kid, our easy guide will take the guesswork out of Nerf gift giving.

Nerf Party Birthday Present

Need the perfect gift for a kid that loves Nerf? You can always buy them another
Nerf blaster; we’ve created a separate page that will help you find the best Nerf gun for them, based on what they already have.

If you’re not sure what blasters they already have, or you want to get them something that pairs perfectly with Nerf, but is really unique, we make two products just for that purpose:

Blaster Blocks

Blaster Blocks are destruction blocks where kids can build castles, robots, spaceships … etc., and then blow them apart with their Nerf guns.

Blaster Boards

Blaster Boards are panels that can build all sorts of Nerf bunkers and forts for super engaging Nerf battles. If your kids like Nerf or Lego, then they’ll love either of these two products!

Nerf Party Favors

There are lots of great pre-assembled Nerf gift bags out there; here are some (1, 2, & 3) of our favorites. Some don’t come with a physical bag, so here’s one. And if you want to customize it some more, peach and blue raspberry sour patch kids pouches, should do the trick.


Nerf Party Invites

Lastly for the invitations! If you have parents’ email addresses, this is a good evite theme. If you want to mail or hand out invites, here are some great paper Nerf party invites.


Hurray! Celebrate Yourself!

You did a lot of work to put this themed party together! We’d love to see your achievement; send photos of your Nerf party to and (with your permission, of course) we’d love to add it to our image gallery [below] or share it on our Instagram. Planning a party like this is often unseen and uncelebrated parental work, but we see you! Great job!

Oh, and please let us know how we did. We’re always trying to improve this guide to make it easier for busy parents, so let us know if you have any helpful suggestions. Thanks so much!